Is there a need to make changes to the laws to toughen liability for impaired driving?

Driving under influence is the main problem on Canadian roads leading to fatal accidents. That is why many people believe that the penalties for impaired driving should be toughened. They think that this step will help to turn the situation for better.

Federal impaired driving laws assume potentially severe consequences for driving under influence, especially for repeat offenders. In addition to the penalties, a judge may issue a probation or even restitution order. The terms of probation may include submitting to an alcohol or drug assessment, abstaining from alcohol or participating in treatment and undertaking community service. A law compels the offender to compensate the victim, but these compensations are rare in impaired driving cases. A law breaker may be suspended or prohibited from driving. Despite this, some Canadian citizens strongly believe that there is a need to toughen the liability for driving under influence. Click here to contact us to share your grounded ideas and propositions to make changes in current legislation related to impaired driving penalties.

Toronto lawyers on contrary think that such alterations can only worsen the situation. Ironically, but experts believe that they will only complicate the fight against driving under influence. These alterations will require large procedural guarantees for the drivers themselves. For example, now the driver can be easily examined for intoxication, but the changes assume a refusal. In addition, the process of accident registration is complicated by the need to wait for a lawyer and witnesses. And it may even lead to the fact that alcohol will varnish until all the needed procedures are completed.

The second point is that current laws for drunk driving are already tightened to the limit. But practice showed that repressions only made the situation worse. Car accidents statistics only went down after six months of penalties tightening. Therefore, Toronto lawyers state that there is no direct connection between the severity of the punishment and safety driving.

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